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Scrum half / Half back


  • Able to execute a range of quick and accurate passes over a range of lengths, in both directions
  • Able to execute quick and accurate passes from the ground over a range of lengths in both directions


  • Able to execute a range of different kicks of either foot
  • Able to execute accurate box kicks and subsequent chase

Open play

  • Able to select and implement correct decisions during ruck/maul, attack/defence
  • Able to link effectively with forwards and backs to maintain continuity of play
  • Able to communicate with team members, especially directing forwards during contact situations and organization of attack/defence
  • Able to make a range of different passes both left and right
  • Able to offer an attacking running option (breaking) both from set-piece and contact situations
  • Able to create, identify, communicate, manipulate and exploit space in attack
  • Able to recognise, communicate and fill space in defence
  • Able to support team members in attack and defence
  • Able to make effective side-on, front-on, rear tackles
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