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The principles of a coaching session

  • Safety is your first concern.
  • Use your aim as an important tool to give your session structure.
  • Make your explanation effective through explanation, demonstration and/or questioning.
  • Vary the skill in exercises and game-like situations.
  • Adapt your exercise if players get bored.
  • Use the following tools to challenge players:
  • Use of space;
  • Increase/decrease number of players;
  • Time - vary time for an activity or the speed of the players (walk, jog, run or sprint);
  • Vary positioning of players;
  • Change material, e.g. use two balls instead of one.
  • Create an environment in which players are not afraid to make mistakes.
  • Observe players’ performances.
  • Give attention to individuals, groups and the team.
  • Encourage player input and make the session interactive.
  • Maximise players’ physical activity.
  • Players should feel they have made progress at the conclusion of a practice.
  • Review the practice.
  • Make practices enjoyable.
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