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The six stages to Rugby programme outlines the stages of development through which coaches and teachers should guide players, using your own judgement to determine the speed of advancement.

The emphasis has been placed on simple practices and progressions, keeping the need for instruction and organisation to a minimum.

Teachers and coaches should feel free to add complimentary drills and practices within each stage and to use small sided games whenever possible instead of drills. You know your players and how to make them respond.

Additional development drills and practices can be found in the drills section of the website.

Each practice within the six stages to Rugby follows this basic structure:

  1. How to play - guidelines for setting up the drill or small sided game
  2. Coaching points - what to look for in your players
  3. Harder variant - if your players are finding the practice too easy, increase the level of difficulty
  4. Easier variant - if your players are struggling with a drill or small sided game, make it easier for them
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