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Find the Space

How to play

  • Groups of five
  • Combine four grids into one large grid of 20m x 20m
  • One ball per group
  • The player with the ball attempts to touch as many players as possible with the ball
  • The other players work individually, running in any direction in the grid, trying to avoid being touched by running into space
  • When the teacher or coach calls “Stop!”, each player must be at least one metre from the nearest player
  • The ball carrier keeps count of the number of players touched
  • Work for one minute, then give the ball to a different player

Coaching points

  • Ball carrier must keep both hands on the ball
  • Look for space
  • Dodge other players


Harder (for the ball carrier):
  • Make the grid larger
Easier (for the ball carrier):
  • Make the grid smaller
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