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Pass and Support

How to play

  • Groups of five
  • Use the full width of the pitch
  • One ball per group
  • The groups should line up in single file, with the groups parallel to each other, ready to run across the full width of the pitch or along the length of the netball court sized area
  • The player at the front of each group runs 5m with the ball, then stops and holds out the ball for player two
  • Player two runs, takes the ball, carries it a further 5m and then stops and holds it for player three, and so on
  • When player five has taken the ball and run 5m with it, a try is scored
  • The group will have carried the ball 25m in a straight line. They will be standing 5m apart across that 25m span
  • Reset and return in the opposite direction

Coaching points

  • Try to take the ball without slowing down
  • Run on 5m and stop
  • End up with players evenly spaced
  • Always score a try to finish the practice


  • Speed up the running
  • Slow down the running
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