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Relay Races

How to play

  • Groups of five
  • One ball per group
  • Players race to a line 10m away and back to their group, performing skills along the way, and then hand the ball over to the next player in the relay
  • The skills to be performed can be built up in terms of complexity:
  1. Run to the line and score a try, then run back with the ball
  2. Pass the ball around the body twice while running
  3. Throw the ball in the air and clap before catching the ball and returning to the group
  • There are many more possibilities depending on the capabilities of the players
  • Keep team sizes small to maximise activity

Coaching points

  • Perform the skills accurately - no cutting corners just to get back to the group
  • Get teams to cheer and encourage their team members


  • Speed up the running
  • Slow down the running
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