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Keep Ball

How to play

  • Groups of five
  • Grids of 10m x 10m
  • One ball per group
  • Four of the five players work as a team with the target of successfully completing ten passes
  • The remaining player is the nominated defender, and he/she tries to tackle the player who is holding the ball by touching them with two hands on the waist
  • The coach can either rotate the defenders every few minutes or, alternatively, the tackled player can become the defender with the successful tackler joining the other three, starting again to work towards ten passes

Coaching points

For the team of four:
  • Head up, eyes open
  • Look for space
  • Hands up, ready to receive pass
  • No overhead passes
For the nominated defender:
  • No interceptions of passes
  • Focus on the tackling of the ball carrier by touching their waist with two hands


Harder (for the attackers):
  • Play two defenders and three attackers
  • Play over a smaller area
Easier (for the attackers):
  • Defenders are allowed only to walk, not run
  • Play over a larger area
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