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Decision Making - 5 v 5

How to play

  • 30m x 20m grid
  • Start the game with a free pass at the centre, ensuring that the defending team retreats 7m
  • The attacking players must try to run past the defenders to score a try
  • If tackled, by a defender touching the waist with two hands, the ball carrier must pass the ball backwards to a team mate within three strides or three seconds
  • After a successful tackle, the defender must stay on his/her own side of the ball (stay onside) and must not attempt to intercept or obstruct the pass

Coaching points

  • Run forward
  • Dodge the defenders
  • Only pass if tackled, or if a team mate is in a better position
  • Support players must stay behind the ball
  • Keep the head up
  • Focus on the waist of the ball carrier
Initially there may be chaos, but perseverance will ensure that players are given a taste of the game


Harder (for the attackers):
  • After 3 tackles, change possession
Easier (for the attackers):
  • Increase the width of the channel
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