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Pass and Support - Follow the Leader

How to play

  • Groups of five
  • Large grid of 20m x 20m
  • One ball per group
  • The leader, the ball carrier, can run in any direction
  • The rest of the group must follow in snake formation
  • When the teacher or coach calls "Pass!", the leader must stop, and then either hold the ball to one side (as in Stage 1, Exercise 3), or pass, or place the ball on the floor
  • The next player must react, collect the ball and continue running, becoming the new leader
  • The dispossessed leader then joins the back of the group

Coaching points

  • Run into space
  • Follow the ball carrier
  • Don't follow too close - support from depth, from about 5m back, and try to take the ball without slowing down
  • When picking the ball up from the ground, bend the knees and put one foot over the ball and pick up from between the feet


  • The players decide for themselves when to pass (thus, the support players can run into space
  • Use more balls if you have them and work in groups of 2 or 3
  • Slow the pace to a walk or a jog
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