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Pass and Support - Chain Reaction

How to play

  • Divide the 20m x 20m grid in half
  • 3 groups of 5 work in each new 20m x 10m channel
  • One ball per group of five
  • The groups take it in turns to practise lateral passing (i.e. in each channel, the three groups take it in turns):
  • Player 1 starts in a standing position with the ball
  • Player 2 is on one knee
  • Player 3 is on both knees
  • Player 4 lies on his/her front
  • Player 5 sits cross-legged
  • On the call of the teacher or coach, all players start running forward as quickly as possible, and pass the ball along the line
  • The starting positions should mean that every pass is made to a player supporting from behind
  • When the drill is finished, repeat it, this time with the players passing to the left
  • Players should change position after each run through

Coaching points

  • Ball carrier must keep both hands on the ball
  • Gentle passes, just in front of the support player
  • Support players call for the ball
  • Support players keep hands up, ready to receive pass
  • Always pace the run to stay behind the ball carrier
  • Communication between players


  • After passing the ball, player 1 races to the end to touch tackle player 5 when he/she receives the ball
  • Instead of using different starting positions, the coach/teacher can call "1, 2, 3, 4 or 5" to create the same effect of staggering the starts
  • Players can hand the ball across the line instead of passing it through the air
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