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Pass, Defend, Attack

How to play

  • 20m x 10m channel
  • Three groups of five work in each channel
  • One ball per group of five
  • A group of five players, including a ball carrier, runs through a channel
  • The ball carrier passes the ball and sprints ahead of the group past halfway, turns back towards the group, and becomes a defender
  • The rest of the group continue through the channel, attempting to beat the defender by passing
  • The defender tries to tackle the ball carrier by touching their waist with two hands

Coaching points

  • Run forward
  • Dodge the defender
  • Pass if tackled, or pass early if a team mate is in a better position
  • Support players must stay behind the ball
  • Communication between players
  • Keep the head up
  • Focus on the waist of the ball carrier


Harder (for the attacker):
  • Players 1 and 2 become defenders rather than just player 1
Easier (for the attacker):
  • Limit the defender's movement (for example, he/she can only move sideways)
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