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Attack the Space

How to play

  • Grid of 30m x 20m
  • Groups of five
  • Three attackers against two defenders
  • This is a similar drill to 'Move it Wide', but this time the ball carrier must run around cone D and one of the defenders could be asked to run around cone C as a way of progressing the practice
  • Two defenders and three attackers (one of whom has the ball) stand on the middle of line A-B
  • When the coach calls “Go!”, the attackers run around cone B (but the ball carrier must run around cone D) and try to score on line A-E
  • The defenders run around cone A (but one could run around cone C) and try to prevent the attackers scoring by tackling them by touching them with two hands on the waist
  • Coaches should encourage attackers to draw defenders wide and look to produce gaps in the middle of the grid
  • Attackers will need to move around and pass quickly
  • To increase pressure on either side, the coach can stagger the start of the attackers or defenders

Coaching points

  • Two hands on the ball at all times
  • Gentle passes in front of the support player
  • Support players call for the ball
  • Support players keep hands up, ready to receive pass
  • Run into space
  • Pass when a team-mate is in a better position
  • ‘Fix’ the defender


Harder (for the defenders):
  • Defenders can make contact tackles – if players are sufficiently proficient
Easier (for the defenders):
  • Allow defenders to enter the channel earlier
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