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7 v 7

How to play

  • 7 players on each side
  • Use a suitably wide pitch depending on age of the players (perhaps use a 1/4 of the full Rugby pitch for Under 12s and 1/2 of the pitch for older players)
  • Use 3 v 3 scrums
  • Use 3 man lineouts
  • Free pass to restart
  • 5 minutes each way

Coaching points

  • Play the normal Laws of Rugby
  • However, try to let the game flow by playing advantage as much as possible
  • When starting, it might be better to have no pushing in the scrum
  • When starting, allow the side throwing into the lineout to win the ball before the opposition can compete
  • Once players are competent, allow pushing in the scrums and contesting in lineouts


  • As players become more confident, you may add to the numbers of players involved and also increase the size of the pitch you are playing on:
  • 9 v 9 (3 v 3 scrum)
  • 10 v 10 (5 v 5 scrum)
  • 12 v 12 (6 v 6 scrum)
  • 15 v 15 (8 v 8 scrum)
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