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Preparation checklist

Before each session:

  • All coaches should carry out a risk assessment of their particular working area before any activity takes place and confirm that the area is safe
  • All coaches should brief the children in their group on the activity they will be participating in before they start (i.e. what is expected of the children). Coaches should check that the activity is suited to the age and ability of the children in their group
  • All coaches must check whether there are any special needs in their group. For example, children with asthma should be cautioned to slow down if they start to feel breathless, etc and use their inhaler
  • All coaches should check to see if any of the children in their group have any medicine that may be required to be taken
  • All coaches should check that children in their group are dressed appropriately for the activity before they start. For example, is anyone wearing jewellery that might injure another participant, is their footwear appropriate? Participants should remove all chewing gum before any activity starts
  • All coaches should brief the children in their group on how they are expected to behave and the consequences of misbehaviour
  • All coaches should ask the children in their group to assess what they can see in the activity area that may cause injury. How can they avoid injuries?
  • All coaches should ensure that progression of activities is geared properly so that children can master each level before being asked to move up to the next level
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