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Useful tips

  • Do not try to talk over children – wait until they are quiet. Try not to shout – only do so sparingly. If you are inside a school, you may disturb other lessons and children quickly become immune to shouting and do it too!
  • Use praise to motivate – “Here is someone who is sitting quietly – well done – who is going to be next?” Praise a lot! “Well done, Nasseem. That was a really good pass”
  • Plan your activities so that you know what you are going to say next - don’t make it up as you go along - children will sense you are unsure, you will lose the pace of the session and they will lose interest
  • Ensure that you have a way of getting them to stop and listen at any time - for example, “Freeze”
  • Always follow the same ritual for starting and finishing a lesson – line up, quiet, etc. Children like routine
  • Always supervise children putting out and putting away equipment – keep an eye on all children at all times
  • If coaching in a school, at the end of the lesson hand the children back to the class teacher so they have a calm and happy class. Give rewards in line with the normal method the teacher uses
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