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If there is an injury

The school will have a first aid policy and they are responsible for first aid. However, you should be aware of this policy and ensure you follow the correct steps.

In case of a minor injury:
  • Look after any child who is hurt or just upset. You may need to stop the activity and ask the class to sit quietly - go and quietly ask the child what the problem is. Usually, they will just need to sit out for a few minutes and can then rejoin the activity.
  • If they are hurt, ask another child to take them to the school office/appointed first aider. At the end of the lesson, make sure you tell the class teacher that there was an injury and how it happened.
In case of a serious injury:
  • Stay calm and assess the situation
  • Ask two sensible children to go and get another teacher from the nearest class or school office
  • Stay with the injured child and ask the other children to go and sit quietly away from the injured child, typically at the other end of the hall or across the field. Until another member of staff arrives, you remain responsible for all of the children so make sure they stay near enough so you can still control them
  • Deal with any immediate danger - whatever caused the injury should not be able to harm anyone else
  • Once another teacher arrives, he/she will take over the injured child – you should take the class and either continue the activity or, if they are upset, take them back to the classroom to get changed and spend some time talking to them and reassuring them that the injured child will be fine
  • At the next break time or the end of the day, you should write a brief report on what happened (usually the school will provide a form). Make notes of the following so you can write an accurate report:
  • Time of accident
  • Place where accident occurred
  • Name of any casualties
  • Details of injuries sustained
  • Staff involved
  • What happened
  • Who else was involved
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